Friday Morning Art Group

Exert from Muse Newsletter April 2022 by Debra Pearson

Kay Barber and Paula Brett have been attending the Gallery’s Friday Morning Art Group for 20 years and the newest participant, Vanda Whitworth joined them 18 months ago.

Prior to the disruptions of the past 2 years, the Group had a regular attendance of 10, but the number currently fluctuates so there is space for a few more to join them.

Vanda couldn’t praise the other members high enough, for building her confidence and giving advice and tips, with warmth and friendliness.

“They are real confidence builders. Very supportive, and I’ve extended and grown my abilities to a level that I am now proudly exhibiting my work.”

The Group paint in watercolour and each works on their own individual projects.

No formal teaching is given, but they are happy to give guidance when needed.

Members can range from beginner, to the proficient, but you should at least know the basics before joining.

All five present, when I visited, agreed their favourite period of Art is French Impressionism – the way the artists captured the light.

Paula believes the best thing you can do, especially as a beginner, is to read as many books as possible from our Gallery Library. (A tip I fully endorse!)

Although their work is grounded in the traditional, they have been working at becoming looser and bolder – experimenting recently with adding ink and also using granulation.

If you would like further information (or to join) this wonderful group, you can email Kay

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L to R: Paula, Kay & Vanda. Photo by Debra Pearson