Millhouse artists have been busy learning new skills by attending workshops held outdoors and in the Millhouse Little Gallery in recent weeks.

Workshop presented by Chris Allen on Using Colour

Chris presented a very practical and informative workshop on 3rd and 4th September examining the language of colour, mixing colours, using complementary and harmonious colours to achieve better results in our paintings and producing neutral colours to create shadows.  After creating warm and cool colour wheels, artists then went on to create a still life, putting everything they had learnt into practice.

Flow Pour with Inks and Acrylics – Workshop presented by Lexie Meyer and Wilma Southan

Artists had a fun day on 23rd September learning how to create flow pours with inks and acrylics.  They were taught how to create cells using silicone.  After creating an abstract flow pour, they then went on to incorporate a flow pour in a floral still life.

Pen and Ink Workshops with Di Gee

Di presented the first of a series of Pen and Ink Workshops on 17th September.  The process of creating pen and ink artworks was both meditative and relaxing.

Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming workshop on 29 October, which will focus on foliage, landscapes, old houses and texture line.

Plein Air – The Old Church, Milton

What a wonderful way to spend a beautiful Spring morning.

Chris Allen organised artists to meet at the Old Church on Croobyar Road, Milton for a plein air session on 15 October 2019.

It was a delight to meander through the immaculately-kept gardens and graveyard.  What a great place to paint and draw or just sit and contemplate.