How to showcase your work in the best light

There is nothing worse than having a beautiful artwork that has been badly photographed. Millhouse Gallery will display images of your work on the website, on instagram and on our facebook page. The social media posts get shared to other sites so its important that your work looks as good as it does on your wall.

To get the best view of your work I’ve found placing it in natural light (watch you don’t get shadows on your work) and holding a phone camera above the painting gives me the best results. Once photographed, I then crop the painting using the tools on my phone and adjust the lighting on the photograph if I need to  to show the true colours and tones of the artwork.

This is a great link that takes you through the process of photographing and cropping your work  – How to Photograph your paintings with your Iphone

Once you have a good quality high resolution image you can email it to Make sure you include the name of the artwork, the dimensions, the artists name and the exhibition the work is part of.

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