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Get Ready for the Autumn Exhibition 2022

Closing Date for Entries :  Sunday, 13 February 2022 at 4 pm 

Entries can be:

  • Left in the entry box at the Gallery
  • Posted to the Gallery Manager, PO Box 200, Milton NSW 2538
  • Emailed to – with the subject title ‘Autumn Exhibition entry and Your Name eg Di Gee’. Attach the completed entry form.


  • $5.00 per painting – To be paid when your paintings are delivered. Please have the correct money when paying fees.
  •  $5.00 per replacement painting following sales.


  • Paintings are to be delivered 8 am – 9 am, Monday, 28 February 2022.
  • Paintings are to be collected 8 am – 9 am, Monday, 30 May 2022 .


  • 3 HUNG PAINTINGS 1 large – up to 1 square metre (39.5”) incl frame and 2 smaller – up to 70 x 50 cm (28.5” x 20”).  Triptych entries are not to exceed 1 square metre.
  • 3 UNHUNG PAINTINGS The number of unhung (unframed) paintings must not exceed the number of hung paintings entered. Artists who are not entering hung paintings may enter up to 2 additional unhung paintings.  Unhung paintings can be up to A3 in size. See examples in the Gallery for reference. Read the framing policy for presentation requirements. 

PRICING: To be $50 or more in multiples of $10.  COMMISSION: 20% on all sales.


  • Paintings should not be entered if they have hung in the Gallery in the preceding 12 months AND must be Members’ own works (no copies).
  • Framing and presentation must be in accordance with the Millhouse Framing Policy. The Committee reserves the right to reject paintings that do not comply with the framing policy.
  • If there is insufficient room to hang all paintings submitted, the
    Hanging Committee has the discretion to return paintings and entry fees.
  • By submitting an entry, you agree to your artwork being used in any Millhouse promotion.
  • All care will be taken with exhibits, but no responsibility is accepted.
  • All entries must be for sale.
  • Exhibitors must be financial members as at date of exhibition opening.

Gallery Duty – Roster

Exhibitors are required to be on duty in the gallery on 3 days during the exhibition.  Your name and sitting dates must be entered on the roster when you deliver your paintings.  If you are unable to do your duty,  arrange for a replacement and inform Dianne Gee on 0411 291 568. The roster with changes is displayed on the Gallery noticeboard. 

Promote your Work

on the Millhouse Website, Facebook & Instagram

If you would like your painting to appear on the website, instagram and facebook, email your images to . Images should be high resolution, photographed prior to framing and correctly cropped. Read more on how to photograph your work.